Maintaining Your Property 

Because Whisperwood is located within Reston, your property must be in compliance with the Whisperwood and Reston Association design guidelines.  These rules and regulations have been created over time by previous board members in conjunction with Reston Association.We are aware that much of the original equipment (light fixtures, paint colors, siding colors, gingerbread) is no longer available.  Our Architectural Review committee is working with our Reston Covenants Counselor to get our "book" up to date with current model numbers.


Non-Compliance with the building regulations will mostly affect you if you want to sell your Townhome.  Prior to replacing anything on the outside of your home, please check with Reston Association.  This will save you time, money and much aggravation.Using the excuse, "but all my neighbors did the same thing", doesn't mean it will pass inspection, and may hold up the sale of your townhome.  Unless the paint color, light fixture, deck stain or anything on the outside of the home is in the Whisperwood Book Of Standards, it is NOT approved.

Exterior Home and Common Ground Inspections

In the continuing effort to maintain Whisperwood as one of the most sought after and aesthetically-pleasing communities in Reston, scheduled and unscheduled exterior home and common ground inspections are conducted.  The inspections are necessary to identify non-compliance with the Whisperwood Cluster Association Rules and Regulations (referred to as the Rules & Regulations), as well as non-compliance toWhisperwood Architectural Standards and/or Reston Association Guidelines.Additionally, inspections are a means to identify safety issues (e.g., broken windows, non-working light fixtures) and commonly occurring issues throughout the neighborhood (e.g. overgrowth of trees).

A violation letter or violation notice is issued to homeowners where a non-compliance is identified.  The letter or notice may contain either a violation for a non-compliance or a recommendation for safety issues.Copies of the Reston Association Guidelines and the Whisperwood Architectural Standards are located at the Reston Association Offices.  The Whisperwood Cluster Association Rules and Regulations can be found at RCS Management.  Each homeowner is provided with a copy of the aforementioned documents prior to settlement on their Whisperwood property.

It is the responsibility of each homeowner to ensure that his/her property meets both the Rules & Regulations and the Reston Association Guidelines.  The Reston Association has set forth guidelines for changes made to the exterior of all homes in Reston. Please go to the Reston Association website for all of the details of the Guidelines:

Also linked from these pages are relevant sections from the official Whisperwood Cluster Book of Standards.  You will find links to any relevant sections at the bottom of each page.

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