The attached pdf files will give you information on what the latest requirements are for deck replacement. We will be posting updates here regularly, but it would be prudent for you to go to the Fairfax County web site at before starting your project. If you have information to share on this subject, we appreciate your contributions!

Deck Stains
The Reston Association Design Review Board has approved Behr Wood-toned Waterproofing Wood Finish (a transparent stain) for use in Whisperwood.  As of 8/29/2017, the approved colors are:

Clear 500/400
Cedar Naturaltone 501/400
Antique Oak T-571

Cappuccino ST-142
Chestnut ST-110
Padre Brown ST-105
Terra Cotta ST-118

Padre Brown SC-105
Cedar Naturaltone SC-553
Terra Cotta SC-118
Chestnut SC-110

See Whisperwood Deck Color Standards.pdf linked below for additional details on colors.

Composite Deck Flooring
Composite deck flooring is allowed by Reston Association in grey or saddle (to replicate naturally weathered or pressure treated wood), and also in a color that will match the colors of the deck stains mentioned above.  No prior Design Board Approval is needed.  NOTE:  As of 1/15/2011, rear deck caprail in composite material IS NOT ALLOWED.

Standards Book Sections

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