Bathroom Fans

Whisperwood bathrooms came with the 50 cfm model. Nautilus or Nutone fans certainly work better and are much quieter but it takes time and money to install them. Our fans are installed/removed by unplugging them and loosening two screws. The “paddle wheels” can be removed from an old motor and put on a new motor.

The manufacturer is:

Bay Motor Products, Inc.
3100 Cass Road
Traverse City, MI 49684
(616) 941-0411

5A141-1 motor 70 cfm, 120 volts, .95 amps
5A140-1 motor 50 cfm, 120 volts, .65 amps

The fans can be purchase from:

Maintenance Warehouse (owned by Home Depot)
(800) 431-3000

item 250575 (catalog #48 pg 1077)
120 volt, .65 amp

1 – 4 packages, 2 fan motors per package, $23.99/pkg
there appears to be no freight charge on motors