Trash and Recycling

Before getting into the cluster's regulations about trash, please first consider your neighbors and the people who collect the trash when you put your unwanted items out to be collected.  Remove sharp edges where possible, remove protruding nails, make sure that yard debris is bundled, etc.

Here is the complete text of what the Whisperwood Rules and Regulations state about trash:

Trash Collection

A.  Trash collection occurs on Monday and Thursday mornings.  Recyclables are collected every Monday.  Trash may not be put out any earlier than 5:00 p.m. the previous evening.  Trash must be at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection.

B.  Trash must not be left on the grass.  It should be placed as close to the curb as possible without blocking sidewalks, the roadway or mailboxes.

C.  All trash should be securely tied in a plastic bag, in a closed box, or in a tightly-covered container to protect it from rain, wind or animals.

D.  Offenders will be given a written warning by the Board.  If the violation is repeated, at the discretion of the Board, a fine of up to $50.00 per occurrence may be levied.  This fine will be assessed as part of the dues collection process.

In addition to the Whisperwood Cluster Rules and Regulations, Reston Association’s guidelines must be followed.Here is what the guidelines say about trash:

Refuse and Debris

1.  Deed Section VI.2(b) states: Storage or disposal of refuse or debris on the common area or in the lakes is prohibited. Storage of refuse and debris exposed to view is prohibited on any other part of the property, except for temporary placement of such refuse awaiting pickup.

2.  In determining what is refuse and debris, the Board of Directors or the Covenants Committee will, among other things, be guided by the following:

- Items not designed and/or intended for outdoor use, such as, but not limited to, indoor furniture, rugs, mattresses, appliances, clothing, and electronic equipment, are considered refuse and debris if exposed to view on the property, unless awaiting pickup within 12 hours.

- Items designed for outdoor use but not functioning for their designed purpose due to deterioration, disrepair, missing elements, or damage and destruction, including vehicles as defined in D.2.a, below, are considered refuse and debris if exposed to view on the property, unless awaiting pickup within 12 hours or repair efforts have been or will be initiated and completed within a reasonable time period.

- Any other items broken or unserviceable such as, but not limited to, bags of garbage, leaves, cans, newspapers, trash; cardboard boxes; plastic sheeting; unstacked firewood, lumber, and building materials; Christmas trees, tree limbs and other plant cuttings; loose cans, paper and plastic trash; cut trees not in usable fireplace and stove sizes are considered refuse and debris if exposed to view on the property, unless awaiting pickup within 12 hours.

- Usable lumber and building materials that are neatly stacked and covered (as appropriate), and that are stored no longer than six months in a rear yard or, when currently being used, in other locations, and stacked, appropriately sized firewood are not considered refuse and debris.

- "Exposed to view on the property" shall not include areas inside trash enclosures unless elements of the trash enclosure are missing.

- "Exposed to view on the property" shall include areas inside property fences if these areas can be viewed from neighboring property including upper story decks and windows or by passersby.

3.  In determining whether a violation of Section VI.2(b) exists, the Board of Directors or the Covenants Committee will consider each case individually based upon the location of the property and the age, nature, condition, location, amount of the refuse and debris, and its degree of exposure.

You can find these guidelines on the web site of Reston Association at

For your information, recycling guidelines can be found at