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Whisperwood Cluster Trash & Recycling FAQ’s

Q:  When does Whisperwood’s regularly scheduled curbside trash and recycle pick-up occur?
A:  ACCEPTABLE trash and recycle items are collected on Mondays, an additional trash pick-up for ACCEPTABLE items occurs on Thursdays.  
Note:  American Disposal, Whisperwood’s trash and recycling supplier does not operate on New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Should Whisperwood’s regularly scheduled pick-up day fall on these holidays trash and recycling are not to be placed curbside until the following applicable regularly scheduled pick-up day.    
In addition to the holidays above, American Disposal’s office will be closed Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Pick-up operations will run as usual on these holidays.

Q:  When can I place my trash curbside for Whisperwood’s regularly scheduled pick-up?  
A:  You may place your trash and recycle items curbside as early as 6pm the night prior to pick-up.  It is recommended that you place your trash and recycle items curbside by 6am the morning of Whisperwood’s regularly scheduled pick-up.  
Note:  All trash and recycle receptacles are to be collected and returned to your property by 8pm the day of collection.  

Q:  What type of trash receptacle is permitted for placing ACCEPTABLE trash curbside for Whisperwoods regularly scheduled trash pick-up?  
A:  A rigid, lidded container is the preferred receptacle.  If you do not have a space to store a lidded container please consider partnering with a neighbor and sharing a trash can or minimally placing your trash curbside in a 1 mil thickness black garbage bag as this does aide in keeping crows/rodents out of the trash.  

Q:  Should I place my house number on my trash and recycle bins?  
A:  YES – Whisperwood strongly encourages all residents to place their house number on their trash and recycle bins.  American Disposal prefers you use stickers, such as mailbox stickers, rather than writing on their bins with permanent marker.  

Q:  What items are considered ACCEPTABLE for Whisperwood’s regularly scheduled curbside trash and recycle pick-up?
A:  Collection of everyday generated trash is included in your Whisperwood Cluster Association quarterly dues.  The following items are considered ACCEPTABLE for Whisperwood’s regularly scheduled trash pick-up.  
TRASH:  Kitchen and bathroom waste.   
RECYCLE:  The best method for determining proper recyclable materials is to visit American Disposal’s website.  http://americandisposal.com/acceptedrecycling.php

Q:  What items are considered UNACCEPTABLE for Whisperwood’s regularly scheduled curbside trash pick-up? 
A:  The following items are ALL considered UNACCEPTABLE and will NOT be picked up by American Disposal during Whisperwood’s regularly scheduled pick-ups.  

 Bulky Items such as:  Furniture, appliances, construction materials
Household Hazardous Waste items such as:  Acids, fire extinguishers, ammunition, antifreeze, asbestos, automobile parts, cinder blocks, concrete, TV's, computer monitors, car batteries, chemicals, dead animals, motor oil, mulch, paint, pesticides, poisons, propane or helium tanks, sod, tires, tree stumps, dirt, rocks and stones. 
Any appliance or item that employs Freon or other chemical cooling such as:  Refrigerators, air conditioners, wine coolers.  
Note:  You are responsible for proper disposal of UNACCEPTABLE items.  

Q:  How do I dispose of items UNACCEPTABLE for Whisperwood curbside trash pick-up?  
A:  There are a number of resources available to aide in disposal of your UNACCEPTABLE curbside pick-up items; here are a few to consider.  
Fairfax County I-66 Transfer Station, 703-631-1179 and I-95 Landfill Complex. 703-690-1703  For additional information you may visit www.fairfaxcounty.gov and select Recycling and Trash.  
If you do not have the means to transport your bulky items such as Furniture/Appliance items to the Transfer Station or Landfill Complex you may want to consider 1-800-Junk or other similar commercial services.  
If your Furniture/Appliances or even some Construction Materials are in good shape please consider donating your items to Goodwill or another charity your choice.  

Q:  How do I dispose of yard debris?  Is yard debris an ACCEPTABLE curbside pick-up item?  
A:  Yard debris, defined as grass clipping and leaves, may be placed curbside for Whisperwood’s regularly scheduled trash pick-up, however, these items are to be placed in clear plastic bags or brown paper bags. Personal containers may be used however need to be clearly marked "yard debris." Tree limbs and brush may also be placed curbside but must be no longer than 5 feet in length and 6 inches thick in diameter. These items must be tied with rope or twine in arm length bundles. Items that are bagged or bundled are not to exceed 50 lbs.   
Note:  The following items are UNACCEPTABLE yard debris and will not be collected during Whisperwood’s regularly scheduled trash pick-up:  Mulch, dirt, rocks, and sod.  

Q:  What if my recycle bin goes missing?  
A:  Bins, unfortunately, do not have serial numbers on them. First, check around to see if your neighbors accidentally took the bin. You may purchase an additional bin from American Disposal for $10.00 or you may purchase your own. Wal-Mart, Lowe's and Home Depot are suggested retailers if you choose to purchase your own bin.   

Q:  What if my recycle bin is broken?  How do I get a new one?  
A:  American Disposal asks that you call their office and speak with one of their customer service representatives to schedule a date when their crews will be in our area doing repairs/replacements of equipment.