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American Disposal Customer Support:                          703.368.0500
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American Disposal “How do I throw away” tool:


1.    Regular collection schedule:
 Monday:      Acceptable Household trash and recyclable items
 Thursday:    Acceptable Household trash and yard debris


2.   All trash/recycle items to be placed curbside 6pm or later, evening prior to collection. 
Example:  Sunday:           No trash/recycle prior to 6pm
                   Wednesday:    No trash/yard debris prior to 6pm    

 NOTE:  To ensure pick-up we recommend placing your trash/recycle by 7am the morning of collection.   
 NOTE:  See map at bottom of page for proper trash locations.  Please work with your neighbors to designate a trash vs. recycle spot to simplify the collection process. 

3.    Proper trash/recycle receptacles must be leak-proof metal or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids or heavy duty plastic bags.
 Trash Example:      Rigid, lidded container, if no container, us a 1mil thick black garbage bag. 
 Recycle Example:   Use your American Disposal (or similar) recycle container.  Do not place recyclable items in a plastic bag.   


4.    All trash/recycle containers are to be collected and returned to your home the same day collection occurs. 
 Example:  Monday:      All trash/recycle containers returned to your home
                     Thursday:   All trash containers returned to your home



 Helpful FAQ’s:

1.    What is considered acceptable/unacceptable trash?
 A:  Acceptable = Everyday regular household trash. This is refuse that is generated from your kitchen or bathroom on a regular basis. If you are unsure if something is acceptable, please contact us so we may  guide you for proper disposal.  ADSI  is not responsible for any personal or donated items left at or near the curbside on collection days.

 B:  Unacceptable = Ammunition, asbestos, bricks, cinder blocks, combustibles, concrete, dead animals, dirt, fire extinguishers, flammable products, explosives, hazardous waste, helium tanks, infectious waste,   manure, medical waste, mulch, pesticides, poisons, propane tanks, rocks, sod, stones, tires, toxic waste, tree stumps, or any other material prohibited by the landfill or any applicable state or federal law as   being  hazardous or toxic, or items too large or too heavy to be loaded safely into the collection vehicles.


2.    How do I dispose of a large bulky item?
 A:  For bulk item removal, you may dispose of yourself (preferred) or 
contact American Disposal Customer Support to schedule a bulk good removal.
 *Additional charges may apply and may be passed on to the   homeowner. American Disposal accepts the following:

 Bulk Waste:  Bulk goods are defined as non-electrical, over-sized goods that can be compacted in the back of a collection truck. Materials collected as part of our bulk goods removal service include sofas,   cabinetry, large furniture, mattresses, box springs, grills, lawn mowers, etc.

 White Goods:  White goods and appliances are large household items used to perform specific tasks. These materials are all recycled after they are collected. Materials collected as part of our white goods   removal service include: refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, water heaters, televisions, etc. *Freon must be removed prior to collection.

3.    What is considered yard debris?  
 A:  Yard debris, 
defined as grass/garden clippings and leaves, needs to be placed in a clear plastic bag, or other means clearly labeled as “yard debris”.  Tree limbs and brush may also be placed curbside but   must be no longer than 4 feet in length and 6 inches thick in diameter and must be tied with rope or twine in bundles not to exceed 50 lbs.   

4.    Should I place my house number on my trash/recycle bins?
 A:  Yes!  
Whisperwood strongly encourages all residents to place their house number on their trash and recycle bins.  American Disposal prefers that you use stickers, such as mailbox stickers, rather than   writing on their recycle bins with permanent marker or paint

5.    What Items are considered recyclable?
 A:  Plastic / Metal / Cardboard / Cartons / Paper

 Recycling Tips: 

·         Don’t bag recyclables!  Recyclables should be empty, clean, dry and loose in your bin.  

·         Breakdown your cardboard boxes!

·         Become a recycling expert!  Join  American’s Facebook Recycling Group “Think Before You Throw”

·         Donate your recyclables – Example:

 Recycle Elsewhere – NOT in your bin!

·         Plastic bags  of ANY type!

·         Hazardous and E-Waste!

·         Textiles

·         Batteries

 Not Recyclable – PUT these items in your trash!

·         Shredded paper – great for composting, too small for recycling!

·         Diapers

·         Styrofoam

·         Hoses/Cords – they just don’t play well with conveyor belts!

 What About Glass?

·         Please visit the following

Whisperwood Cluster,
Sep 20, 2019, 6:45 AM
Whisperwood Cluster,
Sep 20, 2019, 6:45 AM